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MEN Micro releases first ESMexpress module on PowerPC processor

Embedded specialist MEN Micro has begun shipping a product called the XM50, which is an ESMexpress module on a PowerPC processor. ESMexpress modules, in fact, are single-board computers, resembling in this sense COM (Computer On Module) products. The company calls their main areas of application for embedded systems in a reinforced design, mobile embedded systems and critical systems (systems that are required to function without fail during the entire time of the target task).

The module uses a PowerQUICC III MPC8548 processor operating at 1.5 GHz. An important feature of the product is its rich set of interfaces, which makes the XM50 suitable for building systems that are interconnected with intensive data exchange, for example, railway controls, avionics, medical devices and industrial automation.

XM50 is configured with up to 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM with Error Correction (ECC). To improve reliability, memory chips are soldered directly onto the board. In addition, the module is equipped with non-volatile memory such as SRAM and FRAM. You can expand the memory using USB sticks.

XM50 interface suite includes Gigabit Ethernet, six USB ports with host functionality and one USB client, three SATA ports. PCI Express interface implemented by MPC8548 can operate in x1, x2, x4 or x8 configuration. There are also COM and PATA ports, watchdog timer and real-time clock.

The XM50 power consumption does not exceed 12W, and the operating temperature range is wiped from -40 to + 85 ° C. XM50 module price is $ 1432.

Source: MEN Micro

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