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The latest version of QuickTime has significantly improved protection against malicious code

QuickTime’s recent update includes several mechanisms to prevent hacker attacks, eWeek reports. The new version of QuickTime for Windows Vista uses ASLR (address space layout randomization) technology, which randomly selects addresses for data, preventing malicious code from predicting targets. The Mac OS X version of QuickTime Leopard has used ASLR before.

In QuickTime 7.four.5 also fixed an issue with SHA-1 checksums used in 160-bit data encryption, and improved procedures to prevent stack overflows.

“Quite a lot of improvements, as for a modest update,” hacker Dino Dai Zovi was quoted as saying by eWeek, who found many vulnerabilities in previous versions of QuickTime. “Apparently Apple is really doing everything to prevent QuickTime and iTunes from becoming a target for malicious code.”.

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