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Elan Digital Systems Development Allows PCMCIA to Be Added to Intel Atom Systems

Elan Digital Systems USBPC16 and USBPC32 provide a simple and cost-effective way to add PCMCIA to Intel Atom processor-based systems. The company emphasizes that unlike other similar products on the market, USBPC16 and USBPC32 are not limited to support only memory cards.

The USBPC16 interface chip is a PCMCIA host controller coupled to a USB port for embedded applications. It enables 16-bit PC Card or Compact Flash products to be connected to the USB bus on the motherboard. This microcircuit can also form the basis of an adapter that provides connection to an external USB connector or ExpressCard slot using its USB part. USBPC32 is also designed for USB connection, but supports 32-bit CardBus devices. Both new products comply with the USB 2 specification.0.

In the future, the company may release one device that supports both 16-bit and 32-bit interfaces, if the demand for USBPC16 and USBPC32 confirms the feasibility of such a product.

Source: Elan Digital Systems

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