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Windows 8 mac drivers download free





Windows 8 mac drivers download free.


Kingston Ready 1600MHz HyperX DDR3 Modules

Kingston Technology (Kingston) has announced the release of 1600 MHz HyperX DDR3 memory modules for high-performance PCs, including gaming. Available as separate modules with a volume of 1 and 2 GB, and kits with a total volume of 2 and 4 GB.

As a reminder, Kingston unveils 1375 MHz HyperX DDR3 modules during Computex 2021. They were followed last October by 1800 MHz modules and 1625 MHz low latency modules. In addition, Kingston has Intel XMP and NVIDIA SLI certified DDR3 memory. The company plans to release HyperX DDR3 SO-DIMM modules for laptops soon.

The complete list of new products looks like this:

  • KHX12800D3 / 1G – 1 GB module, price $ 198;
  • KHX12800D3 / 2G – 2 GB module, $ 395;
  • KHX12800D3K2 / 2G – 2 GB kit, $ 395;
  • KHX12800D3K2 / 2G – 4 GB kit, $ 790;

All products operate at 1600 MHz with CL9-9-9-27 delays at 1.7-1.9 V supply. The company provides them with a lifetime warranty.

Source: Kingston

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