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Intel is positioning CPU Larrabee not only for servers

Intel processors
Larrabee recently talked about
Gelsinger on
IDF and who will be able to compete for a place in the sun at
the market
GPU solutions, according to TG Daily,
who obtained access to some Intel documents on this decision, will be presented in
versions, both for mobile and desktop.

Larrabee solutions are said to be the origin of one of
the most secret developments of Intel. But, having received
access to certain company documents, the source shares information about what
expect from Larrabee. The release date of these CPUs is called
2021, or rather, IDF Fall in San Francisco, which will be held in

Larrabee class products
high-end will target the server market as powerful accelerators
for resource-intensive calculations. They will be presented first. Six months later, you can
expect Larrabee to appear in the mass market, where
this processor will be presented in mobile and desktop versions. To that
Intel chipsets should appear in time
sixth series (heirs
Calpella platforms),
with which CPU Larrabee will work.

So far, unfortunately, the exact data on how many IA cores will include
different versions of cpu Larrabee company
Intel does not provide, saying only that there will be “many”. However, it has long been known that Larrabee is the case when
will be achieved by increasing the number of cores compared to processors of previous architectures. According to the source, “many” means from four to 24 cores for Larrabee.

To achieve high memory bandwidth (memory bandwidth) with such Intel systems, the use of a fast and wide memory bus should be a key factor. It is expected to be 1024-bit GDDR5 memory, which will achieve ~ 1 TB / s bandwidth.

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