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ASUS sues Gigabyte

The story of accusations of fooling customers is evolving by leaps and bounds. According to ASUS, Gigabyte, “not having a complete understanding” of ASUS technical design methods, made a false attack on the ASUS EPU functions and the quality of the components of ASUS motherboards. ASUS has made an official statement.

It states that Gigabyte used a photo of exploding capacitors in its publication, making the audience think it was an ASUS product and question the quality of the components ASUS used. Meanwhile, the study of the photograph showed that it shows a video card manufactured by another company. ASUS believes this practice is unfair and out of competition.

In addition, in a related press release, ASUS reiterated that ASUS EPU technology is the product of hard work by the company’s engineers and is an effective means of energy management.

Wanting to protect itself from dishonest behavior, ASUS has filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan and a lawsuit against Gigabyte. In other words, the threat voiced in the first reaction from ASUS has been carried out. We are waiting for the reciprocal move from Gigabyte?

Source: ASUS

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