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ZEROtherm ZEN FZ120: cooler for the hottest CPUs

The Korean company ZEROtherm, with its first products in the field of refrigeration that hit our market, forced us to treat ourselves carefully. In its assortment there are quite a few interesting solutions for cooling computer components.

Another Hi-End cooler, ZEN FZ120, has been added to the manufacturer’s assortment this week.

The solution includes 4 copper heat pipes (the base is made of the same material), and the total dissipation area of ​​the aluminum radiator is 0.6827 sq.m.

120mm PWM fan rotates from 1100 to 1800 rpm, with noise level in the range of 19.5-34.1 dBa, maximum airflow 59.48 CFM.

The manufacturer claims that the efficiency of the novelty is sufficient to cool processors that dissipate up to 150 W of heat.

Dimensions ZEN FZ120 are 126 X 61 X 156 mm, weight – 670 grams.

The novelty can be bought in Europe at a price of 35 euros.

Source: ZEROtherm

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