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Release Date and New Details for the Radeon HD 4000

Several sources at once reported last week that the official announcement of the family of AMD ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics accelerators should be expected in the week starting on June 15 and ending on June 22 (some are talking about June 18).

The series will be pioneered by the Radeon HD 4850 (codenamed Makedon), with such cards should be available immediately in retail, and the flagship Radeon HD 4870 (codenamed Trojan) will be announced a week later, but availability may have to wait due to Qimonda’s inadequate supply. GDDR5 chips and a high price for such memory.

As previously announced, the Radeon HD 4850 will be equipped with 256 or 512 MB of GDDR3 memory. Such cards will have a compact cooling system that takes up one slot. It is expected that AMD will recommend its partners to set retail prices at less than $ 200 for the older of the two models (according to other sources, the price range for the HD 4850 will be $ 189-219, and for the HD 4870 – $ 249-279).

Motherboards built with AMD 790FX, 790GX, Intel Skulltrail, X48 chipsets will support CrossFire with up to 4 video cards.

As for the performance of the new accelerators, we can say with confidence that they will outperform the previous generation of single-chip cards from both AMD and NVIDIA. OCWorkbench provides the following performance chart in 3DMark06. The unit is the performance of the GeForce 8800 GT.

The new ATI HD 4000 products will outperform the HD 3800 by bringing hardware accelerated physical computing support, which both graphics market leaders have been talking about for nearly two years. If NVIDIA, as we know, will build this support in the GT200 generation based on the PhysX physical core, then AMD is pinning its hopes on Havok, which was recently bought together with its developers Intel.

For fans of the PC-based unified media center idea, the Radeon 4800 will support pin 7.1ch audio over HDMI, but will the latest version be 1.3, not yet known.

The characteristics of the new family look very powerful, especially when you take into account the price. If AMD manages to quickly saturate the market, it is possible that the fight with NVIDIA for market share in the third quarter will acquire a completely different color.

Sources: TG Daily, OCWorkbench

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