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Window fax and scan download for windows 7 free.


eMagin Shows Energy Efficient OLED Micro Displays

OLED display company eMagin shows microdisplays at SID 2021 as the most energy efficient in the world. Simultaneously with the microdisplays, subsystems based on them were shown, intended for building commercial products, including in a reinforced version. Applications span from PC gaming peripherals to military night vision devices.

In particular, the SVGA + Rev3 OLED-XL microdisplay was shown, consuming less than 115 mW in monochrome and less than 175 mW in color, at a brightness of 400 cd / sq.m. This display features improved color rendition and ease of calibration for setting up binocular vision aids. The main characteristics of the product resemble eMagin OLED microdisplays, which have SVGA resolution and are already used in military equipment.

Another exhibit, the SXGA color microdisplay (1280 x 1020 pixels), belongs to the next generation of OLED products due to start serial production in the next quarter. It features integrated analog and digital signal processing facilities located next to the 0.77 inch (19.5 cm) working area. The microdisplay consumes less than 200 mW, providing a brightness of 400 cd / sq.m. The new generation of products features improved pixel uniformity, wider color gamut, built-in temperature sensor and compensation circuits. The microdisplay is designed to be connected to a digital or analog signal source.

Among the eMagin products shown at the exhibition, it is possible to note the Rockwell Collins ProView SO35-MVMicroviewer device (in the lower illustration), which allows you to promptly convey instructions from the command post to the personnel of units, as well as maps, navigation and other data; and a reinforced Liteye 600 display that can withstand water pressure up to two atmospheres for eight hours.

Source: eMagin

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