Where can i download windows dvd maker free.


Where can i download windows dvd maker free





Where can i download windows dvd maker free.


Datto Backup NAS stores data on a remote server

Network-attached storage is no longer unusual, but the new addition to Datto’s range of products, the Datto Backup NAS has an interesting twist. In addition to the fact that it allows you to establish backup and data transfer, it can be used to automate data backup using a remote server. Due to its mobility, small size and ease of use, such a solution is suitable for a small group and even an individual user.

The company supplies two versions of the device, 100 and 500 GB. Both of them support Windows, Mas OS and Linux, allowing encrypted data transmission to external servers (using AES + SSL encryption), freeing the local computer (or computers) from this task.

To accommodate backups, the company provides disk space on its servers, for which you will have to pay $ 99 for a 100 GB drive and $ 249 for a 500 GB model (monthly billing is provided). For this amount, the user receives technical support, monitoring of backups on a 24/7 basis and a guarantee of data recovery within 24 hours after contacting. The price of the devices themselves is $ 399 and $ 599, respectively.

Source: Datto

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