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Dell plans to launch ultra-light DisplayPort laptops this fall

According to the source, one of the leading suppliers of ready-made PCs is preparing two models of ultralight laptops for release. Devices weighing 1 and 1.36 kg will receive the designations Dell Latitude E4300 and E4200, respectively.

The display of the lighter and more compact E4200 will measure 12.1 inches diagonally. Her older sister will get a 13.3-inch display, the same size as the HP Pavilion dv3000 laptop, which recently debuted in the Asian market. The screen resolution, regardless of size, will be equal to 1280×800 (WXGA).

Both laptops will be built on the Intel Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform and should hit the market in September. Their main features include LED screen backlighting and the presence of an interface. DisplayPort.

The configuration of new products will include ports FireWire, eSATA, ExpressCard 34 and USB, DDR3 800 MHz memory (up to 5 GB in the E4200 model and up to 8 GB in the E4200 model). Planned to use Intel Turbo Memory 2 technologies.0, magnesium alloy cases and solid state drives (optional). In addition, optionally, it will be possible to include keyboard backlighting and fingerprint sensors in the equipment of laptops.

E4200 dimensions are 204 x 290 x 20 ~ 24.8 mm, E4300 – 310 x 217 x 25.4 ~ 28.6 mm.

Source: Engadget

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