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Intel Nehalem processors promise 90% utilization of productive DDR3 memory

As you know, Intel
already showed
current Nehalem Bloomfield processor, powered by
frequency of 3.2 GHz and we know that in the quad-core model, enclosed in a package with 1366 contacts, there are 731 million. transistors. Each core has access to its own 256KB L2 cache. Another 8 MB of L3 cache is shared between the cores. Onboard memory controller supports 3-channel DDR3-1333 memory. FSB replaced by QuickPath Interconnect.

With the advent of Nehalem, computer enthusiasts will finally get
a significant increase in system performance due to the use of memory
top-class, as previously the peak performance of processors
limited by the speed of the FSB bus.

The emergence of productive, high-frequency memory (for example,
DDR3-2000), offers great benefits in terms of speed, but
not with current Intel architecture. Throughput
memory capacity (memory bandwidth) DDR2-800
limited to 1066-MHz system bus at 8.5 GB / s, with
1333 MHz FSB the value is higher – 10.66 GB / s, and at
1600-MHz bus (400 MHz QDR) reaches today’s
limit – 12.8 GB / s.

However, even dual channel DDR3-2000 memory
can provide 32 GB / s memory bandwidth. But buying it today,
the user will not gain so much and then only if the processor is overclocked
up to 4 GHz, reaching a FSB value of 1000

The current state of affairs should change the appearance of Nehalem with its inline
64-bit memory controller. This circumstance should remove the “inhibitory effect
FSB “and increase memory bandwidth from 50-60% to 90%.

Industry sources say Nehalem, codenamed
Lynnfield will be able to double the memory bandwidth. So, when using memory
DDR3-1333 standard bandwidth should increase
up to 18.5-20.1 GB / s.

Intel is preparing two great options
desktop versions of Nehalem: Bloomfield, which will be the new representative of the series of “extreme”Core Extreme processors equipped with a three-channel controller
DDR3 memory and Lynnfield, which will be released in the first
quarter of 2021 with a conventional dual-channel memory controller

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