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IDS Scheer releases new version of ARIS Platform

IDS Scheer Announces New and Improved Products in Version 7.1 ARIS Business Performance Edition software. ARIS Business Performance Edition brings together all new and improved ARIS version 7 products released this year.1, such as ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Six Sigma and ARIS Business Publisher, and ARIS IT Architect and ARIS Business Architect for SAP. The new version also includes ARIS Business Rules Designer, ARIS SOA Architect and ARIS Business Simulator. BPMN modeling language and OASIS SOA reference model expand the possibilities of using developments on the ARIS platform in other systems.

A website has been created specifically for the ARIS Business Performance Edition, which contains information about all innovations, including interactive demos of new functions. In addition, the ARIS BPM blog was created, containing posts written by IDS Scheer experts in business process management, users and analysts. Diary topics – business process management, their performance, enterprise architecture management, SAP product implementation, service-oriented architecture (SOA), risk and compliance management (GRC).

Technically, the new version of ARIS is a continuation of the strategy laid down by IDS Scheer several years ago: using the Java platform for web services. To facilitate the transition to new technologies for users of previous versions of ARIS focused on Windows, IDS Scheer has developed an exchange program that allows customers to exchange Windows ARIS products for Java products at special prices.

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