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Half a dozen new Airfonix products for wireless speaker connection

At InfoComm 08, Airfonix, a division of SST Communications, presented wireless innovations aimed at the professional and semi-professional audio equipment market. They deliver uncompressed, 24-bit, HDTV-compatible audio over a 48 MHz channel towards passive or active loudspeakers.

Airfonix products use Smart Channel technology for which SST Communications is pending a patent. Its essence lies in the automatic search and selection of a free channel in the 2.4 and 4.9-5.8 GHz bands. This eliminates interference with other wireless equipment.

Designed for audio professionals, Airfonix products include transmitters and receivers, eliminating the need to run cables between sources and speakers. In addition to these kits, Airfonix offers standalone receivers and transmitters, including the industry’s first 50W Amplified Receiver (RMS). Here is a complete list of new products:

  • AFX-19PT002 – stand-alone two-channel transmitter with two balanced inputs;
  • AFX-19AT002 – stand-alone two-channel transmitter with high-level inputs and S / PDIF input;
  • AFX-19PR001 – stand-alone two-channel receiver for active speakers;
  • AFX-19AR050 – stand-alone receiver for passive speakers, capable of operating in mono (50 W output power) and stereo (25 + 25 W);
  • AFX-19SY001 – a system of a transmitter with balanced inputs and a receiver for active speakers;
  • AFX-19SY002 – a system of transmitter and receiver with an output power of 50 W (RMS) for passive speakers.

The listed products are expected to hit the market in the third quarter.

Source: Airfonix

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