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CUDA Competition Powered by NVIDIA and

Dear readers!

Today we bring to your attention a new competition, which we
jointly with NVIDIA, for the best development in the CUDA environment.

All kinds of standalone applications or additional software modules are accepted for the CUDA ™ competition
(plugins) running on Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems. Innovative useful
applications that efficiently use the computational resources of the GPU. Application systems
for scientific research, the competition is not allowed. Here is a sample list of applications:

  • Multimedia, i.e. processing of photo / video / audio data
  • Security i.e. firewalls / antivirus / crypto applications
  • Productivity programs such as archivers and managers

The competition is sponsored by NVIDIA Corporation and the iXBT The following prizes will be awarded to the winners:

  • 1st Prize: Modern Laptop with Powerful NVIDIA GeForce Graphics
  • 2nd Prize: Professional Graphics Accelerator based on NVIDIA QUADRO 3700 PCI-E
  • 3rd Prize: Graphics Accelerator NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB

The CUDA ™ development environment provides programmers with the tools to tackle new challenges in heavy applications,
such as application development, data analysis, technical computing and game physics.

Hardware solutions supported by CUDA include consumer video cards GeForce 8800, as well as new
models of professional solutions of the Quadro and Tesla series.

A GPU with CUDA works either as a flexible stream processor, where thousands of computational programs, called threads,
or threads, together solve complex problems, or as a stream processor in specific applications, for example,
for displaying an image where streams are not linked. CUDA-enabled applications use the GPU to
fine-grained, compute-intensive and multi-core CPUs for complex coarse-grained tasks such as,
for data control and management.

The CUDA ™ Toolkit is a CUDA-enabled GPU development environment based on the C language.

More information about CUDA can be found on the competition website: / cuda.shtml

Both individual participants and development teams are invited to participate in the CUDA competition.

You can register and learn more about the conditions of the competition on a special website:

We wish you good luck and fruitful work!

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