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Photo of Gigabyte GA EP45 DS3P, motherboard on Intel 45, a couple of months before release

The official announcement of the Intel P45 Express chipset is expected in May or June of this year, but motherboard manufacturers already have at their disposal engineering samples of system logic sets and are developing the design of their products.

So, a regular visitor to the Xfastest forum got the Gigabyte GA EP45 DS3P board, which uses the Intel P45.

The DS3 suffix in the Gigabyte product labeling means that it belongs to fairly affordable products, but the novelty is equipped quite decently: polymer capacitors, a functional ICH10 south bridge, a cooling system with heat pipes ..

Such a board will support Intel processors with FSB up to 1600 MHz, DDR2-800 / 1066 memory and possibly 1200.

Note the presence of three PCI Express x16 interfaces, three PCI Express x1 and only one PCI.

Whether Gigabyte GA EP45 DS3P will keep the same appearance by the time of its release, we are at a loss to say. Only a price of at least $ 200 at the start of sales can be predicted with confidence.

Source: Xfastest

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