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New generation of SAS interface introduced: speed increased to 6 Gb / s

The SCSI Trade Association (STA), created to support and promote SCSI technology, announces the availability of the next generation of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). Thus, a five-year development of a technology targeting the storage market has been successfully completed.

6Gb / s SAS was chosen as the marketing name for the new technology. The official name of the specification, as determined by the T10 technical committee, working under the auspices of the InterNational Committee for Information and Technology Standards (INCITS), looks like this – SAS-2. The SAS-2 specification describes the features and capabilities of products supporting 6Gb / s SAS.

6Gb / s SAS generation products will be backward compatible with 3Gb / s SAS, 1.5Gb / s and 3Gb / s SATA, which will enable these technologies to coexist within the same system. In other words, SAS systems will be able to support SAS and SATA drives.

The main technical features of 6Gb / s SAS include twice the data exchange rate compared to the previous generation of the interface (from 3 to 6 Gb / s), improved security and electromagnetic compatibility. Additional 6Gb / s SAS performance enhancements provide wide-port, dual-port storage, and full-duplex configurations. For external connection, the new interface will use Mini-SAS cables (SFF-8088 and SFF-8087). Maximum cable length increased to 10 m (in the case of 3Gb / s SAS it was 6 m).

Source: STA

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