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AMD Officially: Shanghai 45nm Processors Coming in Q4

As often happens, on the eve of the next Intel Developer Forum, the company is trying in every possible way to divert the attention of the press from the competitor, making its loud statements and presenting new products.

The next IDF, which will be held in San Francisco on August 19-21, will not be an exception.

The traditional information attack began with the fact that representatives of AMD announced that the 45-nm processors of the company, known under the codename Shanghai, will enter the market soon and will seriously compete with the CPU architecture of Intel Nehalem.

AMD Senior Vice President Randy Allen Says Shanghai Shipments Commence Q4.

First shipments of 45nm competitor CPUs are expected to target the huge dual-socket server market. It is not yet known when Intel will release Nehalem-based solutions for this segment, so it is quite possible that AMD will have to compete with Penryn there for now.

Recall that the key difference between the 45nm Opteron and the current 65nm will be the increased L3 cache from 2 to 6 MB. At the same time, they will remain compatible with existing platforms, only a BIOS update is required.

Nehalem will require new chipsets, which puts it in a slightly less advantageous position compared to its competitor from AMD.

Source: eWeek

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