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Olympus E-520 camera with built-in stabilizer made its official debut

As expected, Olympus has officially unveiled the E-520 DSLR, which will replace the E-510 released just over a year ago.

The E-520 is a lot like its predecessor and the recently debuted E-420. The novelty has an image sensor of 4/3 format (crop factor 2x) with a resolution of 10 megapixels, equipped with a dust cleaning system. Features include built-in image stabilization and Live View. In addition, the camera electronics are able to recognize faces in the frame (Face Detection) and improve the elaboration of details in the dark areas of the frame (Shadow Adjustment).

The device is equipped with a 2.7-inch (69 mm) HyperCrystal II screen (approximately 230 thousand. pixels) and built-in flash. Supports continuous shooting at 3.5 fps (buffer is designed for eight frames in RAW format), histogram view. It offers the user – 32 shooting modes, a button for previewing the depth of field, the ability to lock focus and exposure. Image processing is handled by the TruePic III processor. The sensitivity range is in the range of ISO 100-1600. Manual and auto focus supported.

PC connection provides Hi-Speed ​​USB 2 interface.0. For storing pictures, you can use media such as Compact Flash (Type I and II, Microdrive) and xD-Picture. The dimensions of the E-520 are 136 x 92 x 68 mm, and the weight (without battery) is 475 g.

The E-520 is slated to hit the European market in June. The price of a camera without a lens is determined in ?480, complete with lens 14-42 mm – ?529. Optional case and flash for underwater photography.

Source: Olympus

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