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New Apple Laptops Have Problematic Graphics Subsystems?

The graphics subsystems of the latest models of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn processors give their owners a lot of problems, APC Magazine reports.

The support forums on Apple’s website contain a lot of user posts about artifacts that are constantly present on the screens of the latest laptop models. Interestingly, the problem manifests itself on laptops from both lines, although they are equipped with different graphics adapters – the integrated Intel GMA3100 in the MacBook and the discrete NVIDIA GeForce 8600M in the MacBook Pro.

Most often, the problem manifests itself in the form of damaged lines of text with repeating fragments or garbage when scrolling images or web pages in applications that use the Apple Webkit HTML rendering engine, for example, Safari and Mail.

According to some reports, pre-release versions of Mac OS X 10.five.3 are devoid of the described shortcomings, so users can only wait for the release of the update or hope for the release of a separate patch.

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