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Opengl drivers for windows xp download free.


Opengl drivers for windows xp download free





Opengl drivers for windows xp download free.


Samsung and Sun jointly create “ultra-resilient” memory for server SSDs

Samsung Electronics is working with Sun Microsystems to create a new SLC NAND flash memory for use in solid state drives. A feature of the memory should be a higher wear resistance than that of the samples on the market.

Five times the write / erase cycles compared to conventional SLC NAND, will enable the new memory in server SSDs. The development is expected to provide maximum reliability for critical systems (which are required to function without fail during the entire time of the target), operating in 24/7 mode.

Samsung and Sun Microsystems have been working on server flash for months. The result of the work should be a chip with a density of 8 Gbps.

The new SLC NAND memory is said to provide a 100x advantage over hard drives in terms of input-output operations (I / OPS) per unit of power consumption. This figure is especially important given the field of application of server SSDs – lower power consumption simplifies the requirements for cooling systems in the CC.

IDC estimates global demand for SSD in the enterprise sector will reach 2.24 million by 2021. units.

Source: Samsung Electronics

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