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Msi control center windows 10 download free





Msi control center windows 10 download free.


Brother will present its prototype “e-book”

Brother will showcase a working prototype of an electronic document viewer at Brother World Japan 2021 on September 4, 2021 in Japan. The company sees the production of displays based on electronic paper as a new business area.

The prototype is a portable device for reading A5 documents, and the image can be oriented both vertically and horizontally. The device is only 12.4 mm thick and weighs 380 g, which does not prevent it from storing up to 5000 pages of A4 documents.

The screen is reported to be non-reflective and the text is readable in the sun. When showing the image, the display does not consume power, and the image can be seen even when the power is off. In total, the battery is enough to turn over about three thousand pages.


  • Diagonal: 9.7 “(142.1 x 205.5 mm)
  • Resolution: 1200 x 825 pixels (150 dpi), 4 grayscale
  • Type: black and white reflective electrophoretic display
  • CPU: 32-bit, 132 MHz
  • External memory: MMC memory card (1 GB, approximately 5000 pages)
  • Power supply: lithium-ion battery (rechargeable via adapter or USB), 3000 page changes, one month on.
  • Dimensions: 210 x 232 x 12.4mm
  • Weight: 380g (incl. battery weight)

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