Microsoft windows 8.1 download tool free.


Microsoft windows 8.1 download tool free





Microsoft windows 8.1 download tool free.


Fusion 550R is the first power supply from ARCTIC COOLING

known as a manufacturer of cooling devices, presented its first unit
Power Supply – Model Fusion 550R.

The manufacturer calls its PSU Fusion 550R
a device that not only provides power to the system unit, but also
saves the user his money, because it has a high
efficiency (81-86%) and low losses. This “allowed” the manufacturer
for advertising purposes decrypt
acronym PSU as Payment Saving Unit, not as usual –
Power supply unit.

The novelty is intended for installation in typical
desktop computer enclosures are ATX-sized and have
power 550 W, which is enough for most systems, including the class
High-end. PSU has two 6-pin and two 8-pin
connector to provide power to a pair of video cards, if the user needs
connect a CrossFireX configuration or system

The cooling of the PSU is made in the form of a traditional
80mm fan that has a blade speed range of 700 to
2000 rpm, which makes the operation of the PSU as a whole rather quiet.

On sale ARCTIC COOLING Fusion 550R
will appear in September, at a price of 60 euros. At the same time, as stated, the user will be able to
save on electricity bills up to € 100 per year.


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