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SSDs are not yet ready for serious work, analyst believes

While IBM is testing a high-speed 4TB solid state drive (SSD) array, some experts believe that SSD technology is not yet ready for enterprise and storage applications. Compared to flash memory like NAND, memory that uses phase change, or resistive memory looks more promising, says Bob Merritt, an analyst at Convergent Semiconductors.

Modern NAND SSDs can replace hard drives in some applications, such as mobile PCs. Although market penetration has been paralleled by lower prices, SSDs are still significantly more expensive than HDDs. Even more important is the problem of wear and tear of NAND memory during operation.

It makes the positioning of SSDs in the enterprise application segment wrong. “SSD is a product with significant positive effect and tremendous potential for mass production. The risk for semiconductor companies is that an OEM, or more likely an end-user, may actually allow SSDs into an application for which SSDs are not the right technology, and create negative perceptions about the SSD’s “unreliability”, Bob said. “I think it is reckless for semiconductor companies to completely relinquish responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the technology.”.

In this situation, memory technologies based on the phase change effect and resistive memory may come to the fore. Their commercialization is a matter of time, and the strength of these technologies is not only durability, but also high performance and low memory power consumption.

Source: EE Times

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