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Developed by FUJIFILM Dimatix to print solar panels on an inkjet printer

The sun is one of the most attractive sources of electricity, which is why a large number of companies around the world are working to create efficient and economical solar panels. Konarka Technologies, a specialist in this field, announced a breakthrough in the production of solar cells using inkjet printing. The new technology is based on the development of FUJIFILM Dimatix specialists, which ensures the application of materials to the substrate.

FUJIFILM Dimatix, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM, focuses on the design and manufacture of inkjet printheads for industrial applications. The company recently announced the development of a new product, the Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP), which claims to be the world’s first inkjet solar cell.

The specialists of the Konarka Technologies company, which is known for the development and commercialization of the Power Plastic material, which converts light into electricity, used the printer to solve an unusual task.

According to the project participants, photovoltaic cells manufactured using a printer are not much inferior to their counterparts created in “clean rooms” using technological processes used in semiconductor production. An important advantage of “printed” solar cells is the lower cost. In addition, printing technology expands the range of materials that can be used as a substrate.

Source: FUJIFILM Dimatix

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