Internet explorer windows vista 32 bit download free.


Internet explorer windows vista 32 bit download free





Internet explorer windows vista 32 bit download free.


Utilities: Vista Start Menu

A new version of Vista Start Menu has been released. The idea of ​​the utility is to make launching applications faster and more convenient than standard Windows XP tools.

In the Microsoft operating system, the main tool for launching programs is the Start menu. Its main drawback is the constant change in the order of placement of labels. For example, if a user removes several programs from the system, then the shortcut for launching the application he needs in the menu moves, and it takes some time to find it. The same happens if new programs appear on the system.

Vista Start Menu offers its own menu for launching applications, in which each shortcut has its own place. Therefore, you can always be sure that the shortcut for launching your favorite game is the second from the top, and below it is the shortcut for opening the text editor. If an application is removed from the system, its place in the menu is simply freed up, that is, the shortcuts for launching other programs do not move anywhere. The empty space can only be occupied by a new application, which will be installed later.

Permanent placement of shortcuts is the main, but not the only feature of Vista Start Menu. The menu for launching applications includes convenient commands for quickly searching for files on the hard disk and on the Internet, large, intuitive buttons for shutting down, restarting the computer, entering sleep mode and changing user. In addition, there is a tab for quick transition to the “Startup” folder and a command line window, which is always at hand.

Menu navigation has also been significantly improved compared to the Start menu. First, you can increase and decrease the font of menu items, which can be useful for people with low vision. Secondly, you can navigate through the menu items without using the mouse – all the shortcuts in Vista Start Menu are divided into blocks of nine pieces. Each block has its own letter designation – A, B, C, etc.d., and each label within the block is numbered from 1 to 9. Thus, to get to the desired shortcut, you need to press two buttons on the keyboard, for example, C and 4. Finally, smooth scrolling is provided for long menus with many applications.

Download Vista Start Menu v.2.eight.1 from here (1.5 MB, Freeware, Windows All).

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