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Free hp image zone download for windows 7 free





Free hp image zone download for windows 7 free.


Programmable tattoo of the future will show any picture at the request of the owner

Quite an unusual application for nanotubes has been found and is being used
researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In their heads
the idea has matured to create a device embedded in human skin, less than
human hair, which would serve as a tattoo, but not an ordinary one, but

This is planned to be achieved through the use of a “nanodisplay”, which would
was able to display any pictures, even in a de-energized state.
Moreover, in theory, such a tattoo can even be animated. Device
“Nanodisplay” is not simple, – according to the creators’ plan, 3 billion. light emitting
nanorobots that can self-order in the desired order.

So far, the researchers do not have a ready-made solution, there is only a concept
an energy-efficient Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) device that
was controlled via Wi-Fi from a server or PDA and opened up new interesting possibilities for potential

Skin display

It can be as vital things – a subcutaneous display showing
medical data of a person, and various kinds of “body-worn” messages to others
people for the purpose of communication or self-expression.

Source: OhMyNews

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