Free download of nero 7 for windows 7 free.


Free download of nero 7 for windows 7 free





Free download of nero 7 for windows 7 free.


Brando offers a retro-style wireless microphone

Brando has a new product on its website which is a retro-styled wireless microphone.

In addition to the non-standard external design, the novelty is interesting in that it connects to a PC using a wireless interface. The range of a connection using a radio channel is three meters. The package includes a microphone and a receiver that can be connected to a PC. Drivers are not required when operating as part of a PC running Windows XP or Vitsa.

Microphone technical data:

  • Power supply – 9-V battery (clearly visible in the second photo);
  • Consumption current – no more than 1.2 mA;
  • Radio channel frequency – 98 MHz;
  • Transmitter power – 80 mW;
  • Dimensions – 80 x 80 x 160mm;
  • Weight – 149 g;
  • Receiver power supply – 5 V (from the USB bus);
  • Signal to noise ratio – 50 dB;
  • Harmonic distortion – 1%;
  • Frequency range – 125 ~ 12000 Hz.

The price of the product listed on the website is $ 29.

Source: Brando

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