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GIGABYTE i-RAM BOX Fast Drive Released & Now Available

The fact that GIGABYTE has shown an “external” version of a very original device, i-RAM, we
reported back in
the middle of last year, when the Computex 2021 exhibition was held.

Now the device has finally been released officially and even managed to go on sale.
The I-RAM BOX is specially designed for data storage and provides very fast
access to data by storing them in the standard memory
DDR, not hard drives or whatever.

As a reminder, unlike the first version, the I-RAM BOX does not occupy a slot
PCI on the motherboard and equipped with
status monitoring on the front panel. So, for example, you can use the sensor
with 4 states monitor the state of charge of the batteries.

Rear view of the I-RAM BOX, rather,
reminds of a regular optical drive and owners of I-RAM BOX’ov
can joke something like “My DVD-ROM has 4 GB
memory!”. The device is placed in the same as the optical drive
compartment – 5.25 “.

Inside, there is such a board, on which, in fact, they are installed
DDR modules 200/266/333/400 MHz (non-ECC). Connection interface
the same – SATA1. Power is supplied via a 4-pin connector as well as
lithium battery with a capacity of 1700 mAh. Device dimensions – 189 x 140 mm.

GIGABYTE i-RAM BOX is on sale now. According to the source, in Japan, the price
amounted to $ 220.


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