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Lite-On Introduces eSAU208 External Slim DVD Drive

The other day by Lite-On (part of
PLDS, Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) presented by
next generation external DVD drive with recordable and
LightScribe support – model eSAU208.
The novelty has a thin case, connects to computers via the bus
USB and supports 8X write speeds.

The eSAU208 has been designed with an important requirement in mind – high mobility.
The eSAU208 does not need a traditional power supply unit (PSU), power can be supplied
via the USB bus, however, it is possible to power the drive from
external power supply. In addition, the device supports a power saving mode, which
will reduce energy consumption by 40-60% and will undoubtedly be useful for
working with a laptop.

ESAU208 Drive Speeds
are: 8X write for DVD ± R discs, 6X for DVD ± R DL and DVD-RW, 5X for DVD-RAM, and
24X for CD-R (W). The eSAU208 reads at 8X speed (valid for
DVD-ROM drives) and 24X for CD-ROMs.

On sale, the novelty will be available in black and white and in color
“Red burgundy wine”. Price not reported.

Source: Lite-On

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