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Intel Larrabee GPU is based on Pentium processor developed in the last century

As you know, at the end of last month, AMD introduced the world’s first GPU, the performance of which exceeded 1 teraflop. Such a significant computational resource allows us to look at the problem of constructing realistic three-dimensional scenes in real time from a new perspective. In addition, the capabilities of the processor may be in demand in other areas where computational algorithms manipulate a large amount of parallel data, for example, in financial analysis, physical modeling or seismic data processing.

Visual computing isn’t just getting attention from AMD. The source got a chance to hear about Intel’s plans in this area from company executives Pat Gelsinger and Justin Rattner.

Moore’s Law will continue to operate for the foreseeable future, doubling the complexity and performance of chips every two years, said Galsinger, who focused on general development issues. However, to take advantage of multi-core processors, a transition to new software models will be required. Future Intel Architectures Will Maintain Instruction Set Compatibility.

In turn, Rattner shared specific information about the architecture of Larrabee.

As you know, a unique feature of Larrabee will be the use of x86-compatible cores – most likely, their maximum number in a GPU will not be 24, as previously assumed, but as many as 32 pieces. Interestingly, the prototype for the cores was the Pentium P54C processor, developed over 13 years ago. Featuring a larger cache, redesigned for 45nm and 64-bit support, it will have a new single-instruction multi-data vector unit (SIMD) that will handle 512-bit data. This approach will make it possible to perform 32 floating point (single precision) operations in one clock cycle, and the total performance of Larrabee GPU operating at a clock frequency of 2 GHz will be 2 teraflops.

In addition to performance, the Larrabee-based board will surprise with power consumption – its maximum value will be about 300W.

Source: Heise online

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