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STEC Designs SSD for Low-Cost UMPCs

Solid state drives (SSD) are associated with compactness, high performance, reliability and… high cost. Looks like STEC decided to break stereotypes. Anyway, she unveiled a new SSD, which, according to the official press release, is “optimized for the increasingly popular category of low-cost UMPCs.”. The device, called the Ultra-Mobile Solid State Drive (UM-SSD), is made in the PCIe Mini Card size. High performance and reliability, according to the company, makes UM-SSD an attractive alternative to HDD.

To break into the aforementioned category of computers, the drive needs to be not too expensive, but fast and reliable. This combination of qualities was achieved through the use of cheaper MLC-NAND flash memory and a four-channel controller. All previous solutions, according to the company, were based on SLC-NAND memory, which made them expensive, and the controllers used did not provide adequate performance and reliability. The declared speed of reading the new drive is 55 MB / s, writing – 25 MB / s. The built-in controller provides equal load distribution between memory blocks, extending its service life, error correction, protection against data loss when the power is turned off. The features of the device also include the ability to encrypt information.

Available in SATA and PATA / IDE (UDMA 6). Product dimensions are 50.95 x 30.0 x 2.4 mm. Samples are already available. The manufacturer promises to start serial production in July 2021. While the planned release of drives with a volume of 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB, and in the first quarter of next year, a model with a capacity of 64 GB should appear.

Source: STEC

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