Download iis for windows 8.1 free.


Download iis for windows 8.1 free





Download iis for windows 8.1 free.


Mushkin “gray” and Mushkin “white” – new sets of DDR2-800 memory modules

The availability of new sets of DDR2 memory modules, according to the source, reported by Mushkin. Although there is no information on new products on the company’s website, their specifications are already known.

Each kit contains two 2 GB modules, so the total memory is 4 GB. One of the kits (catalog number 99658Ow / g) uses XP2-6400 800 MHz modules with CL4-4-4-12 delays, the second (996557w / g) EM2-6400 800 MHz modules with CL5-5-5- 12 latencies. Each of the kits is presented in two modifications, which differ in the color of the radiators. The color of the radiators installed on the modules included in a particular set can be judged by the letter index in its designation: w means “arctic white”, g – “charcoal gray”.

Like other kits of Mushkin memory modules, new items come with a lifetime warranty.

Source: techPowerUp!

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