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Download gimp 2.6 windows free





Download gimp 2.6 windows free.


Apple continues testing Safari 4

Apple sent out to testers the next preview version of the future update of the Leopard operating system – Mac OS X 10.five.5 build 9F23 as well as the new beta version of the Safari 4 web browser.
Mac OS X 10.five.5 build 9F23, unlike the previous beta version, has one item in the list of known flaws in the company – some problems in finding mail messages for a regular email client.

New beta version of the web browser – Safari 4.0 Developer Preview for Leopard, Windows and Tiger – contains many innovations known from the latest versions of the WebKit HTML rendering engine. According to AppleInsider, the supported features of HTML 5 are the following:

  • CSS support for masks, gradients, reflections;
  • support for WAI-ARIA (Rich Internet Application) and XMLHttpRequest API cross-site call specifications;
  • the ability to exchange messages between documents;
  • the ability to save data on a local disk or only for the duration of a session of use;
  • launching web applications outside the browser and when there is no connection.

    Another major innovation in Safari 4 is the use of SquirrelFish technology, which significantly improves JavaScript performance.

    The final version of Safari 4, apparently, should be expected simultaneously with the release of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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