Download driver for windows 98 free.


Download driver for windows 98 free





Download driver for windows 98 free.


Kensington sd200v docking station now compatible with MacBook

Kensington Announces Beta Software for Apple Notebooks to Use with the sd200v Notebook Docking Station with Video.

sd200v allows you to connect an external monitor, keyboard, mouse and up to 5 USB devices to your laptop using only one USB port of the system. The cost of the device is $ 140.

“We’re thrilled to provide Mac users with a one-stop solution for outdoor mobility and indoor comfort,” said Frederic Frappereau, Product Manager for Kensington. – Now there is no need to waste time on connecting numerous cables and to carry out a complex procedure of setting up an external display “.

The beta version of the driver can be downloaded from this page.

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