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Radiospire Networks Demonstrates 1.6 Gbps WirelessHD Chipset

Radiospire Networks has successfully demonstrated wireless data transmission at 1.6 Gbps on a 60 GHz carrier, the source said. To do this, the company used a silicon-germanium radio frequency module provided by IBM and its own development called AirHook.

The area of ​​activity of the Radiospire Networks company, which does not have its own production facilities, is the creation of semiconductor microcircuits. Who was the customer of the above development, and where the demonstration took place, the company does not specify. It is known that an uncompressed high-definition video stream was transmitted as a test signal. Interestingly, the company does not report the communication range. It is also unclear whether AirHook is a single-chip solution or several chips are hidden under this designation.

AirHook is used in multimedia transmission systems for cell phones, docking stations for PCs and wireless Gigabit Ethernet connection points. It is important that AirHook can operate on any broadband radio channel, including channels in the unlicensed 3.1-10.6 GHz and 57-66 GHz bands.

According to the developer, AirHook can be integrated into HDTVs, DVD players, game consoles and other consumer electronics by reducing the number of wired connections.

Source: EE Times

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