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Download directx 9 windows 10 free





Download directx 9 windows 10 free.


AMD Knows How to Accelerate Networked Storage Development with Three New Processors

And not only knows, but is in a hurry to share his knowledge with other manufacturers. This is how the release of the relevant reference design can be interpreted.

At Storage Networking World, the company announced the availability of the first Reference Design Kit (RDK) based on the AMD Athlon processor, based on the Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) 2 specifications.0. This RDK can simplify the development process and provide developers with a standardized platform that benefits from AMD’s unmatched Direct Connect Architecture. According to AMD, the new product will help create energy-efficient, high-performance entry-level network storage, and will shorten the time to market for such products.

RDK supports Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Unified Storage architectures, as well as GigE, 10GigE, Fiber Channel, and Infiniband interfaces. The RDK includes schematics and control files for the hardware, as well as a reference board supplied by AMD partner Newisys Data Storage.

Concurrent with the release of the RDK, AMD Announces Expansion of Embedded Processors. AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Low Power Models Released: 3400e, 3600+, and 4200+ (22W, 35W and 35W). New processors can be paired with AMD M690E, Broadcom HT-2100 and HT-1000 chipsets. Deliveries of new products should start in the current quarter and will continue for five years.

Source: AMD

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