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SanDisk Increases Speed ​​of Extreme III Cards by 50%

SanDisk Corporation announced today,
that its products, SDHC flash memory cards,
set a new world speed record.

New SanDisk Extreme III Memory Cards Show Performance
30 MB / s, for which they received a prefix to their name – 30MB / s Edition. In this
the product line will have 4, 8 and 16 GB cards available.

The high performance of these new products will come in handy when working with
modern DSLR-cameras, for example, with Nikon D90.
This particular camera is fully compatible with new products
Sandisk. Memory cards with 50% increased data transfer rate (up to
Extreme III 30MB / s Edition SanDisk had cards
Extreme III showing a speed of 20 MB / s)
allow when working with the Nikon D90 camera to carry out continuous shooting from
39 frames. That’s 4.5 fps at a single compressed size
(JPEG L Fine) at 6 MB.

In addition to its increased performance, the updated
the SanDisk Extreme III series of cards boast high reliability, as
can operate in a fairly wide temperature range – from -25C to + 85C.

SanDisk Extreme III 30MB / s Edition should be available for sale in September.
Prices will be $ 64.99 for a 4GB card, $ 109.99 for an 8GB card and $ 179.99 for a 16GB card

Source: SanDisk

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