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Dllregisterserver download windows 7 free.


Chaintech APOGEE GAE98GTX – without further ado

Releasing the APOGEE GAE98GTX video adapter, Walton Chaintech did not experiment with cooling systems or increase clock speeds, as Foxconn did in its 9800GTX-512N Extreme product.

Walton Chaintech’s new product is based on a 65nm NVIDIA GeForce 9 (G92-400) graphics processor running at a nominal frequency of 675 MHz. The amount of GDDR3 memory installed on the board is 512 MB. Memory clock speed – 1100 MHz (effective – 2200 MHz). In other words, the adapter is a copy of the reference product. According to the company, it outperforms 8800GTX series solutions by 30-50%.

The board is equipped with two DVI connectors (using an adapter – HDMI with HDCP support). The maximum monitor resolution supported by the card is 2560×1600 pixels. The adapter is equipped with a PCI Express 2 interface.0.

Source: Walton Chaintech

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