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CMEL begins serial production of 7.6-inch OLED panels

Chi Mei EL (CMEL), a Taiwanese OLED subsidiary of Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), receives order for mid-size OLED panels from Kodak. Panels are designed for use in photo frames.

Serial production of 7.6-inch panels should begin in September. This means Kodak OLED Photo Frames will be on sale during the New Year season.

Previously, CEML only released smaller OLED panels for mobile devices. Currently, the production volume is 100,000 units of finished products per month. This figure will increase at the beginning of next year, when the second production line comes into operation.

OLED photo frames are at the top end of the market. In addition, CMEL’s 7.6-inch OLED panels can be used in automotive electronics and UMPCs, the source claims.

The technical parameters of the 7.6-inch panels (P0760WVLB-T) are as follows: resolution – 800 x 480 pixels, the number of displayed colors – 16.7 million., active area dimensions – 165.60 x 99.36 mm, external dimensions – 173.60 x 115.26 mm, color gamut (NTSC) – more than 75%.

Sources: DigiTimes, CMEL

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