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Lian-Li: new HDD cage and blover

Lian-Li Launches EX-H34 HDD Cage Supporting Four 3.5 “HDDs, All-Aluminum Frame and Shroud. The cage has a front door and handles on the cover for each hard drive. Rear-panel PCB is designed to support hot plugging and replacement of most modern SATA drive configurations and RAID 0, 1 and 0 + 1 (depending on motherboard). A fan with a diameter of 120 mm (1000 rpm) is designed to cool the device./ min) with washable nylon filter to keep out dust and dirt.

The cage takes up space corresponding to three 5.25 “bays and fits in place of the 5.25” front panels of most modern chassis. Optimized for chassis with a large number of 5.25 ”bays and little space for hard drives.

The basket is equipped with locks and matches the style of Lian Li: anodized aluminum with black powder coating, turned edges and hand-finished product, which reduces the likelihood of injury to the corners.

Hand-tightened screws guide you to safely replace hard drives through the rear panel.

Lian Li also introduced a new BS-08 air duct system designed to prevent overheating inside the case in the area of ​​placing the video card. Two 120mm fans housed inside an aluminum casing draw hot air away from the graphics card components and remove it through the hole from the PCI cover. BS-08 occupies two PCI slots. Fan speed is 1000 rpm./ min.

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