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I-O Data launches miniature Bluetooth keyboard

Users of mobile devices, such as cell phones, smartphones and PDAs, often feel the need for a keyboard, albeit small, but surpassing the capabilities of miniature keys that fit on the device’s body, or a virtual keyboard drawn on the screen.

I-O Data has decided to meet this need with the CPKB / BT miniature keyboard. It connects to mobile devices using a wireless Bluetooth interface and has 59, albeit smaller, but with a familiar shape and almost familiar arrangement of keys. To connect to a non-Bluetooth-enabled computer, the company offers a USB-BT20 adapter shown in the bottom photo.

Technical details:

  • Interface – Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR; HID profile 1.0; communication range – up to 10 m;
  • Indication: power (blue LED) and Bluetooth status (red LED);
  • Body materials – aluminum, plastic;
  • Dimensions: 151.5 ? 92.1 ? 14.0 mm;
  • Weight – 170 g.

The keyboard is powered by two batteries, which are enough for 2-3 months of operation (one hour daily). Maximum current consumption is 12 mA, in sleep mode it drops to 0.07 mA. The price of new items in Japan, where it should appear on June 11, will be approximately equal to $ 140.

Source: I-O Data

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