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Cmd windows 10 download free





Cmd windows 10 download free.


Hammacher Sclemmer offers to digitize photographs without a scanner

You can enter photos printed on paper into your computer using a flatbed scanner. But this is not the only, and not the fastest way. If you need to digitize a large number of photos, it is convenient to use a device that has recently appeared in the assortment of the online store Hammacher Sclemmer.

We are talking about a product with an ingenious name “Photograph to Digital Picture Converter”, which fully describes the operation of the device. Its compact body houses a 5MP CMOS image sensor.

Since the entire frame is entered at the same time, the digitization speed is significantly higher than that of a flatbed scanner, where the speed of movement of the scanning element is the limiting factor. Exposure and white balance are automatically corrected. Maximum resolution is 1800 lines per inch, color depth is 10 bits per channel. The size of the digitized print cannot exceed 13×18 cm. PC connection and power supply via USB. The included software allows you to perform basic editing operations.

The $ 150 device hasn’t started shipping yet, but it can already be ordered.

Source: Hammacher Sclemmer

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