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Boot camp assistant download windows support software free.


RODNIK introduces to the Russian market a new version of Marathon fault-tolerant servers

The company “NPP” RODNIK “announced the availability of a new version on the Russian market 7.one.1 failover servers Marathon EverRun FT and Marathon EverRun HA. These solutions are based on the use of a virtual server on which an OS with protected services and applications is installed, and two physical nodes, which, working synchronously, ensure the operation of the virtual server. In case of failure or physical destruction of one of the nodes of the system or its components, the system remains in working condition and continues to work without any interruption.

Marathon EverRun HA differs from Marathon EverRun FT in that it requires less hardware identity of the system nodes and allows the use of a second node with lower performance. The second node is used only to maintain the operation of the system during the inoperability of the main node, this reduces the cost of the system. When using Marathon EverRun HA, there may be an interruption in user service, but only if the entire node fails. In the event of failure of any component of the node, for example, a hard disk, the hard disk of the second node begins to be used and there is no interruption in the system’s operability. But whatever the failure, the data in the case of the Marathon EverRun FT and Marathon EverRun HA will remain intact.

As noted, both systems are characterized by ease of maintenance and the need for minimal skills on the part of technical personnel. Openness ? another plus of the solutions Marathon EverRun FT and Marathon EverRun HA. The system works on almost any hardware part and the customer can choose the one with which he is used to working and which he considers the most suitable.

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