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ASUS introduced three versions of cards based on GeForce 9400 GT: EN9400GT / HTP / 512M, EN9400GT / HTP / 1G and silent EN9400GT SILENT / HTP / 512M

In the list of companies producing entry-level video adapters based on the recently introduced NVIDIA GeForce
9400 GT was also listed by ASUS. She released three modifications, two of which are equipped with an active
cooling system and one passive.

ASUS Product Features
have not undergone major changes in relation to
NVIDIA product. So, 512-MB variant of ASUS EN9400GT,
positioned as a component of a home entertainment center, has frequencies
550/800 MHz, as a reference sample, the frequency of the shader
block relative to the nominal and is 1375 MHz (instead of the standard 1400 MHz).
Its older model, EN9400GT / HTP / 1G, is characterized by the same frequencies, but
doubled memory of the same type, DDR2. IN
both cards are supplied with the company’s proprietary software – SmartDoctor,
and the new version.

The last of the three new products is a card with a huge heatsink,
which covers almost the entire PCB – EN9400GT SILENT / HTP / 512M. Her
frequencies are identical to the two above-mentioned products, but its main difference is
silent cooling system. The memory capacity of this accelerator is 512 MB.

All three cards related to EN9400GT Series do not support
mode of operation in SLI configuration, as reported

Source: ASUS

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