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Arduino simulator download windows free





Arduino simulator download windows free.


Seagate Introduces Wireless Portable HDD

An interesting development was presented by Seagate, which announced today the release of one billion hard drives. So far, the information received from the source has not been confirmed by a press release on the company’s website, but it looks quite reliable.

We are talking about several prototypes of devices using DAVE technology (D.A.V.E. – Digital Audio Video Experience). Recall that the premiere of this technology, which provides storage and playback of multimedia data on a portable drive, took place in January last year. DAVE-enabled drives use wireless for data transfer. In addition, the devices are equipped with a conventional USB interface.

The company is said to be ready to start shipping DAVE-enabled HDDs later this year. Models up to 60 GB will be available. No price data yet.

Source: CD Freaks

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