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Fujitsu unveils 250GB SATA drives for 24×7 operation

Fujitsu has announced a new 2.5 “series of hard drives, the MHZ2-BK, which reportedly can
work non-stop – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24×7).

The maximum disk capacity in this series is 250 GB (there are also models
capacities of 80, 120 and 160 GB), it is equipped with an interface
Serial ATA-2. Except for discs with spindle speed 7200
rpm similar HDDs (MHZ2-BS series) with a frequency
rotation 5400 rpm.

The faster MHZ2-BK are positioned as solutions for
blade servers and storage, and the MHZ2-BS series drives are focused on
industrial applications (cameras, industrial PCs) and in business tasks with
increased requirements for reliability (POS terminals, ATMs, robotics).

Fujitsu Series
MHZ2-BS Available Now, MHZ2-BK Drives Coming In July.

Source: Fujitsu

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