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WebKit was the first to complete the Acid3 test

Maciej Stachowiak, a representative of the WebKit development team, reported that the current internal version of this web page rendering engine successfully passed the Acid3 test, which determines how correctly a web browser can display pages created in accordance with various web -standards, including DOM and JavaScript. According to the developer, WebKit was the first HTML rendering engine to fully pass Acid3.

In March of this year, the developers have already reported once that their brainchild formally managed to pass the Acid3 test completely, having received 100 points out of 100, but then some flaws were noticeable in the drawing process, in particular, in the drawing of the text and the smoothness of the animation. According to Stashovyak, currently WebKit passed the Acid3 test perfectly, coping with it 10 times faster than the allowed time.

WebKit is used in several popular browsers, including Apple Safari and Google Chrome, so you can expect that after a while these programs will be able to pass the Acid3 test.

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