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Adobe digital edition download windows 7 free.


STEC launches smallest, fastest and most reliable 1-inch SSD

Seagate’s lawsuit did not discourage solid-state drive (SSD) company STEC. Just days after officially responding to the allegations, she announced the release of a 1-inch SSD. According to the company, the new product has the industry’s smallest size and power consumption, as well as the highest reliability. The emergence of the new MACH4 drive is said to allow system designers to meet more stringent size and power requirements, provide unprecedented flexibility in layout, and pave the way for new product categories.

The proprietary STEC controller used in the MACH4 drive works with flash memory through several channels, which has increased the reliability and speed of operation – according to the company, the read speed exceeds 90 MB / s, the write speed is 55 MB / s. The controller distributes the load among blocks, hides bad blocks, detects and corrects errors using the built-in ECC engine. In addition, it implements hardware AES encryption, write protection and fast cleanup. The drive is equipped with SATA and PATA interfaces, which expands the possibilities of its integration into systems.

The novelty is positioned as a replacement for the HDD. Applications include GPS navigators, in-car entertainment systems, interactive kiosks and ultraportable laptops.

Mass shipments of 1-inch MACH4 SSDs up to 32 GB should begin in late April. As a guideline, the company cites the OEM price of the 8GB model – $ 45.

Source: STEC

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